The Objectives of MISTO

The Vision and Dream of MISTO Explained:

In line with the main objective - to create an environment-friendly growth in the Industrial and Trading sectors – MISTO has several subsidiary objectives or tasks to accomplish; some of them are listed below:

MISTO Brand Development

MISTO works towards the development and implementation of Quality Systems for its members. The first step towards the same shall be to establish a process under MISTO Certification Scheme. Such MISTO branded products shall bear the testimony of quality products to consumers.

MISTO Training Academy

MISTO intends to operate a Training Academy for the development of various skillsets among the educated workforce of our state. The Academy shall work under the guidelines of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) towards collaborative skills development.

MISTO Facility Centrum

MISTO intends to involve in the creation of Infrastructure for commercial and industrial units.

MISTO Startup Establishment

In consortium with reputed Educational Institutions and Universities, MISTO would strive to establish Centers for providing Startup Business Services – Misto Entrepreneurs Development Activity Consortium (MEDAC). 

MISTO Innovation Centrum & Renewable Energy (RE)

Establish a Technology Center for the Solar Energy Applications. This innovation center shall be a nodal institution for developing technologies using local resources and manpower. In the long run, it should serve as an incubation center for the applications based on emerging technologies.  

To carry out the functioning of the Center in a sustainable way, MISTO plans to install a solar plant in the identified location at Chamara Janagar district in Karnataka. The proceeds from the sale of electricity shall be exclusively catered to the growth of the Center and the development of environment-friendly techniques using Solar Energy. 

The creation of a center for Research, Innovation, and Incubation, etc. remains a top objective of the Association. Alongside Green Power generation, MISTO shall pursue evolving technology fronts and create an environment for developing socially beneficial applications. 

Evolving technologies in the Energy sector give new hope to the ever-increasing demand for Power. Currently, we are in the transition phase from conventional energy sources to futuristic Renewable Energy (RE) sources. 

It is in this background, MISTO (Micro Industrial & Small Traders Organization), a trade body of small enterprises decided to venture into the increasing space of RE in the energy domain. MISTO has large plans to establish itself as an agency to propagate the emerging concepts and act as a facilitating agent for the adaption of such futuristic technologies.