MISTO -An NGO for Micro-Entrepreneurs & Small Traders

Micro Industrial and Small Traders' Organisation (MISTO) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) initiated by Micro-Entrepreneurs & Small Traders all over India. MISTO – a Public Limited Company registered under section 8 of the ‘Indian Companies Act 1956’, was launched on 2nd January 2006.

The sector:

80% of the business in India is performed by small and micro-entrepreneurship entities. It is the major source of income in this nation.

The main objective of the organization is to create environment-friendly growth in the industrial and trading sectors. Micro-Entrepreneurs & Small Traders form an integral segment of the business sector.

Registration No.: U74140KL2006NPL019021

Approved by NITI Aayog (Govt. of India): UNIQUE DARPAN ID: KL/2017/0179476

Activities :

  • Renewable Energy Solutions (Innovation, Incubation and Research Centrum)

  • Training for Skill Development

  • Brand & Quality Certification

  • Startup Establishment

  • Infrastructure for commercial & Industrial Units

Marketing Assistance & Support

Entrepreneurs! Let us join together to strengthen ourselves!

Currently working on:

'Entrepreneurs Primary Edu- InformationdatasOnline Portal' - provides an opportunity for the buyer to know the producer. The entry is completely free.

Our Dream:

Supporting the micro/small/medium business sector to be competitive, knowing the latest developments in the global and Indian environment. Supporting the MSME sector means supporting nation-building!

Please send your suggestions! We welcome you!

Source of funds:

Donations from the members and well-wishers. (We are entitled to accept donations under clause 80G).

Account Details:

Micro Industrial and Small Traders Organization

A/c No.: 3284 54 06 718

State Bank of India


IFSC: SBIN 00 70 344

PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS: +91 9544 16 11 88

MISTO Objectives in detail: