MISTO -An NGO for Small Traders & Micro Entrepreneurs

MISTO is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) initiated by Small Traders and Micro Entrepreneurs all over India. MISTO – a Public Limited Company registered under section 8 of the ‘Indian Companies Act 1956’, was launched on 2nd January 2006.

The main objective of the organization is to create an environment friendly growth in the industrial and trading sectors. Small Traders and Entrepreneurs form an integral segment of the business sector. Their contribution is very essential for the economic growth of the country.

Unfortunately, their contribution to the economic and social development of the country is generally ignored. The entry of MNCs into the domestic market has made it tough for the Small Traders and Micro Industries to survive. The time has come to professionally train them to face the challenges of Globalization.

Since most Traders and Micro Entrepreneurs lack knowledge about market dynamics, there is a growing need for them to get proper training to cop up with the challenges in the international market. MISTO is formed to bridge this gap and its role is to strengthen the Micro Entrepreneurs and Small Traders to their full potential.

The Objectives to be Pursued by MISTO on its Incorporation are:

  • MISTO Brand Development & implementation of Quality Systems

  • MISTO Training Academy for the Development of Various Skill Sets

  • MISTO Facility Centrum for Commercial and Industrial Units.

  • MISTO Startup Business Services

  • MISTO Innovation Centrum for Solar Energy Applications

  • MISTO –As an Agency for Renewable Energy (RE) Sources